Binance Charity continues to fight Coronavirus in the Philippines

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, the whole of humanity has put all its capacities into trying to avoid the worst effects of the disease. Ranging from multi-million dollar government stimuli to avoid a total economic collapse. To the participation of companies, organizations and individuals in the effort to avoid more victims. Thus, in today’s Tweet, Binance Charity shows how it continues to fight the Coronavirus in the Philippines.

Binance Charity joins the fight against Coronavirus

Binance Charity vs The Coronavirus
At this point, two things have become clear. First, that the Coronavirus crisis has been the greatest threat to humanity in over a century. It has caused not only thousands of deaths worldwide, but also an economic collapse that, according to International Monetary Fund estimates, could lead to a global recession of 5%.

Secondly, that the crisis is not close to over. For, although it seems that Europe has managed to control the worst of this first wave of the disease. And there are still hopeful cases like New Zealand’s, and the total eradication of the virus on the island. The truth is that it seems that we are on the way to experiencing a resurgence of the disease.

Especially, after seeing the appearance of a new outbreak of Coronavirus in Beijing, the increase in the rate of infection in half of the states of the United States, and the acceleration of the crisis in Latin American countries. This has led many Iq Option companies in the crypto world to increase their participation in the global effort against Covid-19. Including, of course, Binance Charity, the social organization of the Binance exchange.

#Binance Charity continues to fight the #Coronavirus in the Philippines.
Binance Charity continues to fight the Coronavirus in the Philippines.
„Last weekend, @BinanceBCF has delivered thousands of masks and other #PPE supplies to the Philippines. To our Filipino families: Stay strong! We are with you, and together we will help heal this nation. #WealAsOne #CryptoAgainstCOVID.

Thus, the importance of Binance’s donation would be twofold. Well, not only is it a necessary aid to a nation that continues to suffer the worst effects of the Coronavirus. It is also a recognition of the need for all of humanity to collaborate in the common effort against Covid-19.